Managed Services & Business Critical Application Support

Goldline Technologies provides managed services and business critical application support across various platforms spanning monolithic environments like IBM mainframe to the latest technologies.

Goldline Technologies implements mature service level management practices to ensure not just SLA compliance but ongoing improvements in ticket resolution times. Infrastructure optimization, performance and security management, and strong focus on availability and scalability ensure that clients get maximum leverage out of the applications and infrastructure.

As part of IT support, Goldline Technologies offers the following services to its clients:
  • Production Support
  • System Administration
  • Operations Support

Production Support

Production support includes the following:
  • 24x7, 16x7 Support: Goldline Technologies provides L1 to L3 incident support to clients according to their requirements. This is the emergency repair of any operation of the applications or environment infrastructure. This includes technical errors, "hung" or halted processes, or unexpected results that render applications / environments unusable.

  • Problem Management: Root cause analysis for critical or recurring issues ensures the focus is on incident prevention rather than reactive resolution.

  • Helpdesk: Resolve queries and problems raised by users relating to usage of the systems and system failures; track ticket progress across resolver groups, driving ticket resolution.

  • Health Checks: Carry out health checks on the applications proactively to prevent occurrence of errors.

  • Database Administration: Data definition related activities, monitoring tablespaces and usage, performance tuning, creating new users, backups, archiving.

  • Change and Release Management: Ensuring that release and deployment of application or infrastructure components for every change to the production environment is planned, coordinated and well-directed, with the ability to rollback changes if required.

System Administration

  • User Administration: Creating, deleting changing access levels of users for applications, systems and email, email quota usage, system usage.

  • Backup services: Scheduled and automated backup of key servers, databases, application and system configurations, and documents, as well as restore and recovery testing.

  • System Health Checks: Carry out health checks on the systems proactively, such as file system space, to prevent occurrence of errors.

  • System Availability Monitoring: Monitoring the utilization of each resource and service on an on-going basis to ensure the optimum use of the hardware and software resources. The monitoring activity also ensures that all agreed service levels are achieved, and that business volumes are as expected.

  • Performance tuning: Identifying and applying appropriate tuning techniques including balancing of disk traffic to reduce data contention, designing a locking strategy to control locking usage and levels for example database, page, file, record and row; and managing memory utilization efficiently.

  • Capacity planning: Analyze results from regular availability monitoring and performance tuning; proactively implement appropriate measures and solutions to handle ongoing increase in user interactions and business transactions.
  • Security management: Implement strict change control process to ensure that no malicious software or code is released; access control and audit trail maintained on all hardware, routers, firewall, software application for all changes; encryption of sensitive data and documents; vulnerability assessments on a periodic basis; and business continuity planning and implementation.
  • Asset management: Maintain an asset inventory register of all hardware and software in place for the client environment.

Operations Support

  • Support to Scheduled Tasks: Scheduled tasks are usually critical to business. Goldline Technologies can provide support, monitoring and maintenance for scheduled tasks on client's system through offshore and round the clock support, including monitoring of printer queues and jobs.

  • Support to Business Process Changes: Business process change brings the IT impact along with it. Goldline Technologies can provide IT support and changes for business process change.

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