Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning

At Goldline Technologies, Customer Relationship Management is all about bringing an organization closer to its customers and stakeholders. Goldline Technologies provides CRM consulting services throughout the customer life cycle, which includes customer acquisition, retention, relationship and loyalty.

Service categories include:
  • Operational CRM - Automation of horizontally integrated business processes involving front office customer touch points . sales, marketing, and customer service (call/contact center, field service) - via multiple, interconnected delivery channels and integration between front office and back office
  • Analytical CRM - What Are the Buying Patterns? Cross Selling Opportunities? Who Are the Most Profitable Customers / Products / Services? Competition? Customer Profiling & Categorization. Up Selling /Cross Selling Of Products & Services. Fraud Analysis. Churn Management
  • Collaborative CRM - Collaborative services such as personalized publishing, e-mail, communities, conferencing, and Web-enabled customer interaction centers that facilitate interactions between customers and businesses

Goldline Technologies also has a lot of experience in designing business processes and managing product implementations for ERP and SCM solutions, as well as providing analytics and reporting services.

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